100% Natural

Papers and print colours are made up of 100% natural ingredients. No chemicals are used in paper production or printing inks.

CO2 neutral production

All papers are produced CO2 neutral with renewable energy sources. Waste is minimised during production

100% Recyclable

Waste occurring during production is recycled. The wrapping papers can be recycled and are compostable.

Cradle-to-cradle printing

Our papers are of high quality and produced with a cradle-to-cradle philosophy. Not only the printing paper does not contain any chemicals but also the printing colours are 100% based on natural ingredients. This ensures highest quality standards - the wrapping papers are 100% biodegradable and contain no chemicals. They are actually compostable - so we carry the product from cradle to cradle without waste.

The production of our papers is happening close to consumption: in Denmark. The printer is focussed on reducing waste and powered from renewable energy sources. The printer also guarantees a high level of social responsibility with fair pay and discrimination-free work environment.

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