Art on paper for sophisticated gifts

At Collema Wrapping, we curate art to create the perfect gift wrapping.

We believe that giving a gift is much more than just a simple act. Gifting is an intimate process of joy, excitement and appreciation between people. It is the essence of relationships in a single gesture. We want to pay tribute to gifting by enabling people to express themselves in that process. Therefore, we challenge the status quo of gift wrapping.

We curate designs to create the perfect wrapping that makes a gift out of the ordinary. For our papers, every possible cut of the motive has to make an interesting gift. We are not limiting ourselves in the choice of artistic craft - the composition and appearance defines whether a motive works for gift wrapping or not.

Our papers are of high quality and produced with a cradle-to-cradle philosophy. We care about nature - and believe that sustainable everyday products are of essence.

Art on Paper

Internationally curated artists.

Cradle-to-cradle production

100% bio-degradeable and CO2 neutral.

Made in Denmark

Designed and produced in Denmark.


Ugoku Movement - Ichi

Josefine Skovgaard - Saturn and Birds & Moons

Rie Una - Poolhouse I

Paula Weise - Grid Love

Forrest by Philipp Specht

Philipp Specht - Forrest

Theresia Koch - Plantas III

Florent Tanet - Three

Florent Tanet - Objects Two

Theresia Koch - Plantas III

Flip, play and combine Florent Tanet

Florent Tanet - Objects Three

Florent Tanet - One

Paula Weise - Grid Love

Philipp Specht - Forrest

Paula Weise - Grid Love

Water colors by Josefine Skovgaard

Josefine Skovgaard - Water Colours

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Rest of EU: 60€ or more 

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