Aerials by Philipp Specht

Weimar-based Philipp Specht is working with whatever kind of camera gets into his hands. Most of the times he takes digital images, making the postproduction process an equally important part of the result itself. In this particular collection he was flying his Yuneec Typhoon H with the CGO3+ 4K Camera attached to it.

While flying, the only inspiration is the world itself from a totally unusual point of view. Philipps' task in aerial photography is to get results, which are more than just pretentious images made by high-tech gear. He adds photographical expression to stunning impressions from above to create both meaningful and aesthetically demanding pictures. 

Images from a birds eye view naturally display and create a distance between the viewer and the observable content. Therefore the goal was to capture enough detail and depth to close that emotional gap and link to the observer’s imagination.


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