Our Mission: Making a gift out of the ordinary

We believe that giving a gift is much more than just a simple act. Gifting is an intimate process of joy, excitement and appreciation between people. It is the essence of relationships in a single gesture. We want to pay tribute to gifting by enabling people to express themselves in that process.

We challenge the status quo of gift wrapping by curating designs. We create the perfect wrapping that makes a gift out of the ordinary. For our papers, every possible cut of the motive has to make an interesting gift. We are not limiting ourselves in the choice of artistic craft - the composition and appearance defines whether a motive works for gift wrapping or not.

Our papers are of high quality and produced with a cradle-to-cradle philosophy. We care about nature - and believe that sustainable everyday products are of essence.

How we work: Focus on the environment, high quality and fairness

We follow some simple rules when it comes to production and product quality: we work with reputable suppliers that produce high quality and in an environment-friendly way. Our products are made in EU countries and under adequate environmental laws and where employees are treated with respect. This has driven to our decision to work with cradle-to-cradle principles where possible and have fair compensation principles for the artists we collaborate with.

Yes, it makes our products cost more - but to us, there is no other possible way of doing business. If you share our values and if for you, sustainability and high-quality are a priority when choosing your wrapping papers, you understand our vision.

We need to make a profit in order to exist, but we also wish to build a company that can truly impact the wrapping industry which is very much a single-use industry. We want to guide both customers and manufactures to prioritise the environment. But we are driven by the urge to make an impact. To raise the bar to better products, to do our part in changing the industry and to be a market leader in terms of sustainability and quality. We always try to improve and to learn. Our journey continues and hopefully we will keep on raising our own bar.

We believe that every time you buy something, you cast a vote - a vote for the company you are buying from. So make your vote count, and buy from companies that share your values. Our hope is that more people will buy less, but better.  Think before you buy and buy only what you truly love and need.

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