Water colors by Josefine Skovgaard

Copenhagen-based Josefine Skovgaard is inspired by everything she finds beautiful. She respects an artist with a bigger agenda, but she "just loves trying to capture beauty". Josefine wants people to be happy and feel in harmony when they look at her paintings. Her favorite thing is when the painting suddenly takes shape and she can say ”Okay, this is where you want to go”. The painting has its own life in a way. She controls some of the process but not all. Josefine loves working with watercolors and I'm always curious about where the painting will end.

As Josefine says: "If I take a walk and see some beautiful colors, I take a picture of it and use it when I do my next painting. Sometimes I look through fashion magazines and see a dress, a hat etc. that inspires me, and sometimes, it is my feelings I paint. If I feel at peace I will capture that, if I feel chaotic it will go in another direction."

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